Signal 1752


Both railroad and signal are boxed tightly between sandstone formations of the Painted Cliffs and the Rio Puerco of the West. The post to the right of the signal is the beginning of a 1000 ft slide fence (the only one on the 2nd District). Should a bolder dislodge from the cliff and sever any portion of the fence, signal 1752, and signal 1741 to the east, would immediately drop to red, thereby warning a train crew and potentially averting a major derailment.

Immediately to the right of the R-2 color light is the North Star, identified by its stationary position relative to the neighboring stars in the sky. Old US 66 hugs the side of the cliff and is somewhat visible near the second lateral stanchion. Because of the tight squeeze, the I-40 was forced to cross the river at Lupton