Signal 1851 and 1852


For all the permanence and over-engineering a railroad signal system once represented - big steel, massive concrete bases, built to withstand ravages of weather and time, etc. - the truth is that few, if any, signal systems from the big steel era remain in their original condition or at their original location. Even many of the semaphores on the Raton Line have been re-spaced at one time or another. But for the 2nd District amazingly little has changed. There has been virtually no re-spacing; only permanent removal and only to just a few. Signal heads and poles lines are original. Only the line and track Model 13, and Polar Model 14, relays have been exchanged for DN11 and DP14 relays, and the early AC step-down transformers have been upgraded. In other words, the system looks remarkably the same today as it was installed in 1927, 1928, 1930 and 1940, which is extremely rare for a signal system this extensive. No question the Santa Fe realized a return on its investment from this apparatus. Will the newer CTC last as long?