Signal Bridge 2101 & 2102


The first section of the 2nd District to be double tracked was from Defiance to Chambers in 1927. All signals in this stretch, save for one on a regular mast near Manuelito, are on cantilevers mounted directly into the foundation. The next section of double track came one year later in 1928 between Chambers and DT Junction. All these signals, except for a handful of cantilevers, are on full-length signal bridges. Why the switch? And were the cantilevers in the 1928 section existing signals during single-track days? No one knows, and perhaps no one cares. Nevertheless, assuming that the installation moved from east to west, then signal 2101/2102 is the second signal bridge installed on the line. After these signal bridges are removed later this year, there will be no more on the 2nd District. Even though many Santa Fe cantilevers have fallen recently in the West, still a few remain in isolated patches of early interlocking or CTC. Gallup, West Winslow and Needles come to mind. But there will be no examples of the early A-frame signal bridges except for two on the 3rd District

On this night an eastward train highlights the structure of the classic A-frame bridge. Above it is the constellation Scorpio.