Signal 2731and 2732

The hour is past 10 PM Mountain Daylight Time (railroad time) on 6 April 2001, and Winslow is pushing a constant stream of eastward trains out on the 2nd District. No sooner does a signal cycle to green when another headlight appears on the horizon. Between the Winslow yard and signal 2481, five miles east of Holbrook, all signals are searchlight H-2's. The rest of the territory is P5 colorlights. Why this is so is hard to say. The portion between Winslow and Joseph City was signaled in 1930, but the H-2 had yet to be introduced. The housings that do sit on the bridges are of the old style, with hemp as a gasket sealer for the rear door. Another oddity of this stretch is that they are all H-2s and not H-5s (except on sidings). AT&SF almost always favored the H-5s, with the H-2s used mainly as lower B units for junctions and sidings. Unfortunately, this installation was completely removed from service in May of 2001 as the new signals were cut in.