Adamana North Siding

North siding at Adamana looking eastward with the headlight of a westward train glowing in the background. The green signal on the main is Bridge 2312 and the overpass in the distance is the Petrified Forest National Monument road. While the south siding features an H-5 dwarf, the north siding has an H-2 dwarf. Compare the two photos and notice that the H-5 has a pentagonal shaped housing while the H-2 has a u-shaped housing. (By the way, the head of a dwarf signal is identical to a high signal, so a dwarf is a good way to inspect and compare different signals.) Functionally the only difference between an H-5 and H-2 is that the H-5 has 16 internal wiring contacts to just 6 for the H-2. That's it. The H-5 internal mechanism is slightly different in that the motor and relay contacts are two pieces. Not many railroads used the H-5, which was introduced in 1939. Santa Fe seemed to like them, as they are the dominant searchlight signal.

The north siding at Adamana is a respectable 7107 feet, however, neither the south or the north siding is used very often to run trains around as both sidings, as well as the house tracks, are plugged with LPG cars for the gas storage plant

Red Signal