Adamana South Siding -- a Sequence

1. System At Rest

Adamana has 2 sidings. A north siding (7107 ft.) for eastward traffic and a south siding (5687 ft.) for westward traffic. We are looking west at the west end of the south siding. The H-5 dwarf on the right governs the siding and protects movements onto the mainline. The green signal in the distance is cantilever signal 2331, which governs the westward main, south track. There are no westward trains in front of or behind us. The system is at rest. The dwarf signal can display only two aspects, red or yellow. So what you see here is the least restrictive aspect for the H-5. By the way, the east end of this siding, the head-in switch, has no signal associated with it. There are no head-in signals.