East Pass


East Pass is where the passenger lead switch comes off the North track. The switch is located east of the depot at the end of the platform. Even though the depot platform extends across the north and middle mains, passenger trains are lined down the passenger main in order to receive and discharge passengers depot and avoid having passengers cross any track. Since all mains are CTC signaled bi-directional within Winslow, the dispatcher can line a passenger train down the passenger main from either directions. Now that the depot sees only numbers 3 and 4, the passenger main doesn't see much activity. But if Winslow is experiencing a traffic jam, with the south, middle and north mains occupied, the dispatcher will line a freight down the passenger lead.

The red dwarf to the very left governs the house track to the passenger lead. The high signal in the middle, which is a controlled signal and is showing yellow, meaning the dispatcher has lined an eastward train to East Winslow, governs the north track and protects the East Pass switch. The H-5 dwarf to the right governs the passenger lead. The Kansas City to Phoenix vehicle train slides into Winslow on the south track