Semaphore Signal 8801















East of Bernalillo (geographically north) the railroad stays above the flood plain on an embankment. Though there is no evidence to indicate constant flooding in the area, it's highly unlikely this stretch of elevated railroad is the original line, as the AT&SF Railroad was built on the cheap and would never have spent time or money on so graceful of a right-of-way. What we do know, however, is that signal 8801 was installed in 1925, as were all semaphore signals between Hahn and Domingo. Just around the curve and out of view is signal 8812. Though only a quarter mile away, it lies within the boundries of mile 881. And, of course, the 2 in 8812 is for the eastward designation.

The Highway to the right is NM 313, and we are 3 miles north of Bernalillo.