Semaphore Signal 8862

West End Bernalillo

  Thunderstorm buildup over the San Diago Mountains portends a heavy pounding of wind and possibly rain come the evening. Photographed 1 July 2000.

The only "urban" semaphore on the Raton Line is at Bernalillo. As can be seen in the photo, the westward signal has been replaced with a colorlight. The east end signals at Bernalillo suffered the same fate, making 8862 the only ABS overlap signal remaining at the headblock of a siding. The arrangement of headblocks in APB differ in that there are two setback signals, one for the main, and one for the siding. Bernalillo siding is not protected by a signal.

For those who are traveling northward toward Santa Fe, Bernalillo is the last stop of "cheap" gas and fast food.