Semaphore Signal 8902













The western most semaphore signal on the AT&SF, located 4 miles west (south) of Bernalillo, adjacent to NM highway 313. The signaling system between Albuquerque and Lamy is ABS overlap, whereas the rest of the New Mexico Division is APB (where it is not CTC). As a rule of thumb, in ABS territory when signals are staggard the system is overlap (as oppose to APB). The notable exception was the SP, which never adapted APB, but paired almost all of its signals nevertheless. Another way to verify overlap is if the signal drops from green to yellow, then yellow to red for opposing movements as opposed from green to red immediately. This applies only to non-approach intermediates. Approach signals behave identically in APB and overlap; they will always cycle first to yellow, or approach, then to red.

  The Sandia Mountain range provides the backdrop for signal 8902.